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Matt’s Truck

We started this poster business to fund the rebuild of our own truck, “Cornelia”, a 1953 International Harvester pickup that has already helped us meet wonderful people and some life-long friends.  Our separate “Restoring Cornelia” site charts the ever-so-slow rebuild process – and generates a lot of questions and letters from others on a similar quest.

Every once in a while, you get a very special letter. We received just such a letter recently from Mark – a proud father – about his son Matt and his “new” truck: an R-Series International dump truck.

Matt's Dump Truck

Matt's Dump Truck

What made this letter stand out?  Well Matt is a very special son with a very special relationship to trucks. To quote from Mark:

I’ve been driving Petes, KW, Macks etc.  I just bought my handicapped kid an old 1960 IH single axle dump truck, I found laying in a field. Even if my kid Matthew is 26 yrs old, he only has the mind of about a 7 yr old.

You would think this kid hit the lottery “his own real dump truck”  What your gonna see as junk… it’s pure Gold in this kids eyes, even though he knows he can’t drive it.

But, soon as I get the $700 left owed on it, then I’ll just pray I get it restored before Matt passes on. He has many other health issues. He’s a truck boy since the day he was born! NASCAR second LOL. And I’m a proud Dad sending you this pic to post. Hope none make fun of it, but I wont let the kid see anything bad. What a blessing for his mother and I, to see the smiles and joy, we’ve been seeing ever since we showed it to him out in that field!

Thank you for letting us share this wonderful time in our lives.

God Bless,


We’ve since corresponded with Mark and his wife Sue, learning much about their family and what makes sharing this old truck a priceless experience for them.  Sue’s fondest wish is that Mark and Matt can work on the truck together – although it won’t be easy. Mark has his own health problems too, and the family has little budget left to put toward a truck.



We thought maybe a poster of Matt’s truck fully restored and in action might help visualize that dream now, bring a smile, and brighten Matt’s room – even if the restoration in reality takes more time than the family has left together, as we’ve been informed that Matt will likely pass away soon.  When the family insisted on paying, we asked instead if we might create Matt’s own first personalized print as a gift from us – then offer a version of the “Moving Mountains” poster for sale on this site to any who wanted to accelerate Matt’s truck dream.

Word got out; seems other old truck lovers saw something in the story too and wanted to see Matt smile as much as we did. The family found it hard to fight that kind of enthusiasm from folks who wanted to see trucks restored, and mountains moved. So even though they were reluctant at first, the family decided to accept our offer of letting us donate $1 from each poster sale to go toward paying off, and then hopefully beginning, restoration of Matt’s truck.

These trucks are so much more than simple inanimate objects. They can represent family bonds, history, a source of pride – so many different things.  Even the sometimes hard to define bonds that a father and son (“or daughter!” Susan adds) can share.

As of June 12, 2011, we have raised $1,670.19 thanks to your GENEROUS and kind donations.  We are very thankful, and cannot even begin to tell you how thankful and blessed the family feels thanks to your kindness.  Matt has his ups and downs, but overall you have made him, according to Sue, the happiest boy on earth by making this dream come true for him.  Seeing this happen has made Mark and Sue count each and every day with him as a special event.

As an update from Sue herself, here’s what she’s had to say recently (along with sending us the latest photos to post for all of you:

Hello again everyone from Sue (Mom) I apologize for not getting a new pic for everyone yet, but I promise to I will do every thing I can to take some for you all tomorrow and send them to John, or any of you whom would like me to send them too, please send me an email request, and it will be a pleasure and honor to send to each one personally.

We had a small setback with Matt’s health again, but he’s up and running. I cannot allow him outside in this extreme heat we are having here in NJ as he has a habit of melting faster than a snowman in extreme heat, and I could never handle getting him up and into the house alone if he goes down as I know he would.   I hope you all will be pretty surprised to see how far He and his Dad have gotten with such little time they get. The carberater is out being rebuilt, along with other things (sorry im not real sure exactly what others) but I will try and set my husband down long  enough for a better explanation, and details. They must have taken the nose part off also, because I don’t recall seeing a face on the poor truck anymore.

Please be patient with us, and know your always in our hearts, and not a day goes by without a thankful thought, or talk about John, Susan, and all of you amazing kind generous people out there. The fellas have already been invited to drive this truck in a parade this year if it’s finished. I highly doubt that will happen but, just the request was so wonderful. It made the fellas so proud. I just set back and make sure neither of them over do it, or I just try and  fix them back up when they arent feeling well…and send them back out there lol. It’s an ugly job, but somebody has to do it, and that’s what us wives, and Moms usually are pretty good for.

Thank you once again. This is just so wonderful, and I pray for that one day I have pictures of them driving a pretty truck, Matthew’s miracle Truck!

God Bless, and keep each of you safe! well wishes, and prayers, from all of us, to all of you!

Mark, Sue, & Mr Matthew

Matt and His Truck

Matt and His Truck

Needless to say, even though we have now happily surpassed the original goal of $700, which is what they needed to pay off the truck and get it home, we would like to keep this going to help them with their work.  We hope you will all consider helping them further as well.

You can help by purchasing Matt’s poster and see $1 go directly to the family. Or, we’ve also set up a donate button whereby you can donate directly in any amount you wish.  Anything at all would be appreciated. And who knows? Mountains may be moved.

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