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Poster FAQ

We take every precaution to make sure our posters are printed with the highest quality inks, and we use high quality, heavy-stock paper.  Here are some additional details that will help you with your new poster:

Why is my poster rolled this way?

Your poster is rolled with the printed art to the outside. This is standard procedure for rolling maps and art posters, and ensures any remaining curl after unpacking will not compromise hanging, flat-mounting or framing.

Poster CareHow do I get my poster to uncurl?

Once you get your poster, VERY SLOWLY and carefully unroll, making sure not to crease it at any point. It will be curled back in on itself, but will relax over the next few hours. VERY carefully place it face up on a table, then pull the back curled edges apart a half inch at a time, until the poster forms an arch on the tabletop. Let it ease a bit more over the next few minutes—again being very careful to avoid creasing—until the lower/outer edges are at least 1-1/2 feet apart. Then place a very thin magazine or catalog on top of the poster to weight the center arch of it down slightly.

Within a few hours, the poster will flatten nicely. It will still be slightly curled—but curled toward the back of the poster—which will allow it to be easily mounted or framed.

How “Archival” is my poster?

The paper we’ve used to print your poster is a very heavy, toothy and uncoated paper which we feel helps enhance the retro quality of the product. The inks used are 80-year inks (the industry standard is still only about 20-year) that are colorfast and sunlight-resistant. We don’t advise you place your poster in direct sunlight—but if you must, know that it will hold its own to the very best of its ability.

The “U-Pick” Color Option

We are offering the option of selecting the color of the truck in your poster. One of the graphic strengths of a poster is the simplification and unification of color into a powerful color theme—so your poster truck’s color probably won’t match your truck’s exactly. But if you can live with that, we invite you to tell us what color you’d like your truck in general terms (“sky blue”, “turquoise”, “midnight blue”, “cherry red”, “orange-red”, “seafoam green”, “maroon with black fenders” – you get the idea). We’ll come as close as we can, and make the color work into the poster’s color theme.

Once you purchase your poster, you simply e-mail us your color choice (you get instructions in the automated response when you purchase your poster), and we will develop your custom poster.  Please allow two weeks for poster development for this option.

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