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The Barn Find

It has been far too long since we have added a new poster for you folks! On our “See the USA” series, we just encountered what every classic vehicle owner dreams of – the venerable “Barn Find”! Only you can imagine how much rust the truck may have after sitting years in lonely neglect, and [...]

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The Heartland of America

As we continue our road trip with our “See the USA” series, we’re still roaming around in the beautiful Midwest, where you’ll still see old octagonal barns, fields full of hay drying in the sun, corn taller than your strange cousin, and vegetable stands alongside back-country roads with the finest produce you’ll ever come across. [...]

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‘Cause Little Willy, Willy Won’t Go Home…

Introducing our latest “See the USA” poster capturing one of our favourite streets at home here in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s no surprise that we show a 1953 R-Series International Pickup (like our Cornelia), cruising along funky old Williamson Street (fondly known around these parts as “Willy” Street). The cantankerous old fart with the hat also [...]

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In the Mood for a Stude?

The long-promised Studebaker is here, and we hope you’ll agree it was worth the wait! Second in our “See the USA” series, this poster features a simply gorgeous art-deco 1937 Studebaker Express Coupe J-5 at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1937; which, by the way, happens to be the year both were [...]

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Introducing Our New “See the USA” Line of Posters

We’re launching a new line of posters that celebrate the memories we and our trucks have gathered touring, or dreaming of touring, the roads and places of the good old USA. The first poster in the line was designed for Susan’s dad, a Model A collector who has lived beside and travelled all along the [...]

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Fireworks Sale

Our Father’s Day sale was such a hit that we’ve decided to give you another opportunity to get a poster on the cheap!  From today through Tuesday, July 5th, we’re having our fireworks sale to celebrate Independence Day, and the fact that you haven’t YET burned down the house with your own brand of fireworks [...]

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Father’s Day Special

Dads and trucks… it’s a natural combination!  My dad helped me get my first truck, a rusty but trusty 1953 International Harvester R-110 Series… I learned how to drive in that truck and I’ll never forget my father or that truck.  I have wonderful memories of both of them that come to me practically every [...]

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Custom Classic Trucks

A warm thank you to Ryan Manson, the editor of Custom Classic Trucks magazine, who just featured us in their “Classic Marketplace” section of the magazine.  Ryan thought our posters were “cool stuff!” and if you are visiting after reading the mag, we hope you do too! We have some great new posters that we’ll [...]

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Matt’s Truck

We started this poster business because we’re trying to fund the rebuild of our own truck, a 1953 International Harvester pickup we’ve named “Cornelia”.  Many of you also have trucks you’re working on, or have already rebuilt or restored.  These trucks become an integral part of our lives for a myriad of reasons.  ”Matt’s Truck” [...]

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“Colorful” New Options

So you’ve perused our collection and thought “I love that truck, but wish it was a different color…”  Well now we’re happy to announce the option of customizing your truck color in your poster!  One of the graphic strengths of a poster is the simplification and unification of color into a powerful color theme—so your [...]

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